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'When actors take charge of their careers, the magic of movies becomes real.'

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Foley Marra Studios spontaneously rose from the imaginative minds of a small group of actors, writers, directors, and producers, all looking for a place to tell “Stories Worth Being Told.”

Led by the creative team of Megan Foley Marra and Chuck Marra, the studio began serendipitously, almost as an experiment.

It started with “The Project” an idea from Megan Foley Marra and Chuck Marra, who decided to see what would happen if they took a dozen actors and intensively guided them for six months. What resulted was the critically acclaimed production of YOU at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Once word was out about this work, even more actors and writers wanted to take part.

Short films were a natural outgrowth of the plays produced by Megan and Chuck—those films all written by the actors, which then grew into dozens of films—films in festivals all over the world. Those films were all written, produced, directed, and acted in by Foley Marra Studio actors.  The actors who could write, wrote. Those who opted to direct or produce, directed and produced.

With tremendous growth in just months, Foley Marra Studios was born, and with it, comparisons to United Artists are being made—exactly 100 years from the start of U-A, FMS takes the baton of filmmaking change into present day—with a very unique coalition of forward-thinking creatives. 

Dark Concrete Wall
Dark Concrete Wall
Dark Concrete Wall
Dark Concrete Wall

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