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Killing Hope Poster -Web.jpg

Killing Hope

A comic homage to film noir

Rich Henkels
Sandra Bulk
Luca Cundo
Justine Reiss
Marcie Ryan

Directed By:
Megan Marra & Chuck Marra

Written By:
Chuck Marra, Rich Henkels, 
Sandra Bulk, 
Luca Cundo, Justine Reiss, Marcie Ryan

Produced By:
Rich Henkels, 
Sandra Bulk, Luca Cundo, Justine Reiss, Marcie Ryan, Todd Gajdusek, Cat Hammons

Executive Producers:
Foley Marra Studios
Actors' Think Tank
The Lake Arrowhead Repertory Theatre Company

Director Of Photography:
Chuck Marra

Chuck Marra

Production Designer:
Megan Marra

Camera Editor and 1st AD:
Cat Hammons

Sound Engineer & Design:
Todd Gajdusek

Casting Director:
Megan Foley, CSA

Hair & Makeup Stylists:
Erica Medina
Mirta Anguiano

Assistant to the Directors:
Rosie McDonald

Production Assistant:
Rayleen Fetterman

Set Photographer:
Elena Polansky



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