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Since we last spoke...

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The summer seems hotter than usual but it's been a very cool July. July was an exciting month!

We had four films screened in the Marina Del Rey Film Festival: Itty Bitty Committee, Where Do You Get Off, Two Cars One Space, and Repercussions.

Many of us from FMS went to the festival and had a great time.

The opening party was held at The Warehouse in Marina Del Rey.

It's a cool and rustic restaurant that opens up right on the Marina. The food is

excellent and, the view of the harbor is gorgeous and beautiful boats at sunset.

Our films were all nicely spread out during the festival, so we got a chance to see a lot of great films. We are pleased to have been in the company of such impressive films.

Also, we are excited to announce that our short film, Repercussions, receive another award. This time for Best Director for Megan and Chuck.

"Repercussions" also was screened in the AOF Megafest in Las Vegas!

We went to Orlando to teach a class on line-learning techniques.

Then went up to Utah, where Chuck acted in a terrific indie film called Riddle of Fire.

The FMS Halloween short film Toast the Ghost was excepted to the International Fortean Film Festival in Glouster, England.

Foley Marra Studio also began to shoot scenes for actors' reels, and it's going well.

We are taking all the experience of the last few years of working together, along with the knowledge and experience of casting movies, commercials, and TV series, and focusing that on one-minute scenes that we are writing for each specific actor.

In the process, the actor gets a unique reel, and we as a studio hone our skills on different genres and styles from horror and suspense to television comedies.

And in the midst of all this, we began planning for season two of our Quiet Please radio plays, paying homage to writer Wyllis Cooper.

We're also lined up our new shoots for the fall. and two new audio productions for Foley Marra Studios Presents,

We prepped the launch of our new podcast Inside the Casting Studio. Where Megan and Chuck give advice for actors in the business. They are quick, short listen from 35 years of casting television, film and commercials.

As I said, it's been a busy month and August is shaping up to be even busier.

We'll keep you posted.


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