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Professional Actors Workout

Professional Actors Workout

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 Online Acting: Professional Actors Workout

Welcome to a transformative acting experience that combines the profound techniques of the Strasberg Method with essential insights into the business side of the industry. This comprehensive online course is not just about acting; it's about sculpting your craft, mastering auditions, and launching a successful acting career.

      Uncover the secrets to standing out in the audition world – both theatrically and commercially.  This is a rare class that teaches not only theatrical work but Commercial work as well.. and commercials are an animal unto themselves. Understanding brand messaging to delivering memorable performances, commercials need to be studied. Practical exercises, real-world scenarios, and insider tips will prepare you to ace any commercial casting call.

     We will help you discover and implement a daily practice to keep your body and  mind  eady to work. Explore emotional memory, sensory work, and method acting techniques that have shaped legendary performers. Elevate your craft with the same tools that brought authenticity to iconic roles and actors.

You may audit by contacting :


    This class meets on Thursday at 10 am PST and goes for 3 hours. You may join anytime and drop with 30 days notice. Enroll now to guarantee a spot

    Starts Jan 4, 20224



    There are no refunds given for classes taken. If you have a problems  with the the instructor or the curriculum, please contacts us right away.

    At any point you may switch to private coaching if the classroom environment doesn’t work for you.  All classes are online presently.


    There is nothing to ship but we do email class iinformation frequently so please make sure we have that information

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