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The Holiday Dance:

Sarah is a middle school guidance counselor who would rather advise the other teachers than the students. Principal Hinchcliff informs her that she either needs help a student by the end of the week or be banned from chaperoning the biggest event of the year, the upcoming holiday dance. With less than a week until the dance, Sarah chooses to help unsuspecting straight-A student Eleadora. But Eledora doesn't seem to need any guidance. As the dance draws closer Sarah struggles to find a problem Eleadora needs help with so she can chaperone the dance.

K.C. White

Jessica Marie Taylor
Dennis W. Hall

Victoria Kelemen

K.C. White

Director of Photography 
Jacob Glenn Aquino

Megan Marra

Chuck Marra 

Assistant Director:
Anthony Foley

Chuck Marra
Matt Marra

Casting Director:
Foley Marra Casting 


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