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Itty-Bitty Poster Final - 2021 Laurels - Web.png


The Itty-Bitty Committee:

Brian wakes up to his morning coffee, but 3 women are at his table with an agenda of their own.

Brian- Todd Gajdusek
Dishonesty- Angelina Ramirez
Resentment- Christine Elmore
Fear- Joyce Fidler
Addiction-Michael Karan

Producer Megan Marra
Director- Chuck Marra 
Writer- Todd Gajdusek
Director of Photography- Michael Karan
Editors- Chuck Marra, Matthew Marra
Casting Director- Foley Marra Casting 
Script supervisors- Megan Marra, Laura Urstein Lanoil
Boom operator- Chad Alan Crenshaw
Special thanks- Murray Macpherson

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