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To get you in the spirit for Halloween, grab some friends as we tell historic ghost stories, very personal ghost stories, some fun facts, and the history of Halloween.  Every time you hear a bell chime, raise your glass and ‘toast the ghost’.

"Sometimes when it comes down to the crunch we have to assess what our best options are, and it often means not including a short which is longer than normal in favour of 4 - 6 shorter productions of equal quality.

But when facing that issue in deciding on Toast The Ghost, we definitely didn't want to penalise it for its running time.

So we came up with a solution - We're screening a shorter-than-normal feature film, It Knows You're Alone (by Chris Alexander, former Fangoria editor), and decided to pair them up - a long short and a short feature double bill as it were.
They will be advertised as such, Toast The Ghost not included in the regular short film schedule, but a thing unto itself :)"

-Paul & Sonja  (South African HORRORFEST)

Todd Gajdusek
Cat Hammons
Margaux Mireault
Jessica Leigh
Rebekah Shibao
Tom Michaels
Alaina Raja
Erica James
Bill Attaway
Kelsey Ketting
Maddie Lucas
KC White
Veronica Wylie
Anton Prather

Producer Megan Marra
Director- Chuck Marra & Megan Marra
Executive Producers - Cat Hammons & Todd Gajdusek
Writer- Chuck Marra and Megan Marra
Director of Photography- Matt Marra
Editors- Cat Hammons, Chuck Marra
Sound Design - Todd Gajdusek
Casting Director- Foley Marra Casting 
Boom Operator- Lucas Marra
Art Designer - Lucas Marra
Sound Effects - Soundstripe
Film Score - Ghosthack
End Credit Music  
A Dark Past
Written by
Matthew Wigdon
Producd and Performed by
Wicked Cinema
Licensed by  Soundstripe
Produced by Foley Marra Studios
In Association with Lake Arrowhead Repertory Theatre Company


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